Aff. by: Rural Sports and Games Development Foundation (India)
Aff. to South Asian Federation of All Sports (SAFAS)
Aff. to: World Amateur Sports Council
Recognized by: Ministry of MSME (Govt. of India )


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Rohit Sharrma’s role in handling finance-related matters for the INDIA T20 Cricket Association is crucial for the organization’s financial health and stability. By managing financial transactions, preparing budgets, and maintaining accurate financial records, Sharrma plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the association’s financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.

His commitment to transparency and accountability in financial operations is commendable. By maintaining high standards of transparency, Sharrma helps build trust among stakeholders and ensures that the association’s financial activities are conducted ethically and responsibly.

Furthermore, Sharrma’s efforts contribute directly to the financial stability of the INDIA T20 Cricket Association. By carefully managing budgets and financial resources, he helps ensure that the association can fulfill its various commitments and continue its operations effectively.

Overall, Sharrma’s role is integral to the overall functioning and success of the INDIA T20 Cricket Association, and his diligence and attention to detail in managing finance-related matters are invaluable assets to the organization.