Aff. by: Rural Sports and Games Development Foundation (India)
Aff. to South Asian Federation of All Sports (SAFAS)
Aff. to: World Amateur Sports Council
Recognized by: Ministry of MSME (Govt. of India )


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The aim of the INDIA T20 Cricket Association is clear and comprehensive, focusing on promoting and developing T20 cricket throughout India. By creating opportunities for both male and female players to participate and excel in the sport at various levels, the association ensures inclusivity and diversity within the cricketing community.

Fostering a competitive environment for teams and players is key to enhancing the standard of T20 cricket in India. By providing platforms for competition and growth, the association cultivates a culture of excellence and encourages players to push their limits.

Additionally, the association aims to increase the popularity and fan base of T20 cricket in India, recognizing the importance of engaging and entertaining audiences. This not only benefits the sport but also provides opportunities for players to gain recognition and support.

Collaboration with other cricketing bodies and stakeholders is crucial for organizing high-quality tournaments and providing resources and support to players and teams. By working together, the association can leverage collective expertise and resources to contribute effectively to the overall development of Indian cricket.

Overall, the aim of the INDIA T20 Cricket Association is to ensure the continuous growth and success of T20 cricket in India, fostering a thriving cricketing ecosystem that benefits players, fans, and the sport as a whole.